I Miss My Dad

Dad, I often wonder how can it be, that you are not here and i live my lifde with out you. You taught me so much and now I can't handle the void hole I feel inside me. I had to grow up much faster than the rest. i was only ten and you only thirty-six. Why did you go to work and why did you say yes. It was you day off! I will never forget, me being a brat and not telling you that I love you and good-bye like I always do. It hurt's me now to know that I never got to tellyou that, and for some reason I blame myself. I know i had nothing to do with it, but I loved you and I don't know what to do anymore. i am in college now and i have a boyfriend of two years. It looks like it will be much more. I really wish you were here to talk to me and tell me what I am doing right or wrong. I am sure you know how my life s going, but I just wish that I could huge you and tell you hopw much i lopve you face to face. Dad, why why why why why????? I don't know why you had to go. Were we not good enough. I know that God is much better, but you were young and you have two wonderful children and a loving wife. Why dad why? Well, we all love you and I will never stopo talking to you. I love you daddy. Love, Popcorn AKA Sweet-pea
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