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Well, at least our Mothers love us.

Kevin O’Connor and Drew Feinberg

Fraternity brothers, sports fanatics, world travelers, goodwill ambassadors


In the Fall of 1984, fraternity brothers Kevin O’Connor, then 18, and Drew Feinberg, then 19, met while Kevin was pledging Drew’s fraternity, Delta Psi Upsilon, at St. John’s University in New York. In the Spring of 2001, Kevin, now 36, and Drew, now 37, left for a global adventure that would change their relationship, and their lives, forever!


The duo was chosen by CBS to travel around the globe in the premiere season of The Amazing Race. The Amazing Race is CBS’ newest foray into reality television after the overwhelming success of ratings phenomenon Survivor and cult-favorite Big Brother.  The show consists of 11 teams with an existing relationship in a race around the world for one million dollars. Concentrating on the purely competitive nature of the show, there is no “voting-off” as in other reality shows, but rather the last team to reach a designated destination is eliminated.


Upon seeing CBS’ request for  teams to audition, Kevin and Drew unanimously agreed that they were not only funny and clever enough to be selected for the show, but they figured they were a cinch to win the race. Although their travel together was limited to Super Bowls and Caribbean cruises, they immediately submitted the requisite videotape and application, and days later were invited to a formal interview. Despite their limited geographical exposure and knowledge (Drew was quoted as saying “we have never been west of the Mason Dixon line”), the casting folks at CBS loved them and the race began!


Kevin and Drew exuded confidence in their ability to work together – the two shared an office as healthcare fraud investigators for nearly four years –  as they breezed through the field until reaching the final leg, where they were eliminated. Their keen sense of humor – Kevin’s honed with 18 years of Catholic education, Drew’s with ten years in law enforcement - helped relieve the stress of language barriers and global travel arrangements. That sense of humor, coupled with a friendship Entertainment Weekly described as “the best platonic relationship since Butch and Sundance” earned the boys an unprecedented 94% popularity rating from viewers voting on


Being competitive has always been a part of their personalities as well. Being the middle child, Drew had to vie for attention from his parents and did so with numerous trips to the hospital while playing football. Kevin, the older of two boys, chose soccer and tennis instead, and played competitively in Prep school as well as while pursuing an MBA at Notre Dame. Although their opinions on almost every subject are diametrically opposed, Kevin and Drew agree wholeheartedly on just three things: The Godfather, the New York Mets and Italian food.


Kevin, a lifelong resident of Bayonne, NJ, is currently a Senior Manager at Deloitte & Touche LLP’s Dispute Consulting practice and loves mountain biking. Drew, a Brooklyn NY native living in Staten Island, is a Senior Court Officer assigned to Brooklyn Supreme Court and enjoys napping.





“Kevin and Drew remain the best reality contestants EVER.”

Entertainment Weekly


Seen by millions of viewers each week on CBS’ The Amazing Race, the duo received accolades far and wide:


USA TodayThe stars (of The Amazing Race), however, are Kev and Drew, stooge-ish fraternity brothers who are the best things to hit reality TV…They snipe at each other non-stop, but they do it in a way that is both amusing and strangely affectionate. Plus, they have the best line of the new season – a bungee-jump-inspired ‘Swing, you fat bastard, swing!’

TV GuideThe show gave us folks we cheered, jeered and just fell in love with (the stooge-like frat brothers Kevin and Drew). Even though Kevin and Drew were eliminated just prior to the last leg, they emerged as the show's undisputed stars. Their playful bickering, hilarious one-liners and fair play endeared them to millions. If CBS chief Leslie Moonves is smart, he'll see if these guys have any acting chops. If they do, he should create a sitcom around them. They could be the funniest Odd Couple since Oscar and Felix.

Entertainment WeeklyKevin and Drew are the cueball ex-frat brothers and self-described ''village idiots'' and  are a veritable fountain of catchphrases. Beyond the ones featured in the TV spots, the pilot featured these unforgettable bon mots: ‘'That's Namibia, jackass!’ ‘These flies are like lobsters!’ and ‘Swing, you fat bastard, swing!’ Soon to be seen on t-shirts and bumper stickers nationwide.

Variety Without question the most entertaining of the bunch are Kevin and Drew, two bald, fat, fraternity brothers who admit at the beginning that they are Ugly Americans…There has to be a sitcom out there for these guys.

Kevin and Drew starred in a recurring segment on The Rosie O’Donnell Show called “Kevin and Drew to the Rescue.” The Early Show on CBS’ tabbed the dynamic duo to do correspondent reporting from both The Golden Globe Awards and The NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship. Kevin and Drew have also had guest segments on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The Other Half, The NFL Today, WCBS News, KCBS News, NJN Cable News Network and Entertainment Tonight, as well as numerous in-studio radio appearances and nationally-syndicated broadcasts including The Mancow Morning Madhouse, The Bob and Sheri Show, The Todd Wright Show on ESPN Radio and The Sports Junkies Nationwide.

Kevin and Drew’s overwhelming popularity earned them a stint as presenters of the Best Reality Based Television Program award at the 28th Annual People’s Choice Awards in January 2002. In addition, the boys were named “The Best of Reality Television for 2001” in Entertainment Weekly’s “Best and Worst of 2001” annual year-end issue.

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