I Miss My Dad

My dad died suddenly 2 days ago. He was 78 but fit and just coming to terms with the loss of my 2 brothers and my mother.

After a period of depression after the family deaths - my younger brother suicide, my mum diabeties, my elder brother liver failure, we had moved my dad into a retirement community of like minded people and he had started to develop new friends and had found a focus for his life in my two young children.

He died of a massive heart attack while shopping in the local sainsbury's supermarket.

I was struck by the stupidity of the Police officer who called me: Instead of saying "are you the son of Arthur Lewis" his first words were "was Arthur Lewis you father" - the word WAS being an immediate indication of the reason for the call.

After losing my mother and both my brothers i'm finding this a nightmare and am even more depressed at the fact thaty my children have lost their beloved poppa.

I'm no longer an aethiest as I can't cope with what my head tells me and have to hope for more.

Dad - you know I love you and you know what we've been through together will never leave me and my children.

We all miss you desperately.
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